Use the calculator below to work out how much Akela Kibble to feed your dog

1. Please enter the ideal adult weight for your dog in Kg:

2. Now select the most appropriate activity level from the drop down:

Your dog's daily feeding amount to split between at least two meals is...

If Feeding DRY KIBBLE Only

If Feeding WET TINS Only

If Feeding RAW FOOD Only

If you wish to mix Akela dry/wet/raw food please use the sliders to choose the proportion of each:

Minimum age

Maximum age

All puppies & dogs are different and the feeding guidelines should be adapted to take into account breed, age, temperament and activity level of the individual animal.

We recommend using a slow-feed bowl or treat dispenser to encourage your dog to work for their food. Fresh clean water must always be available to all dogs.

Mixing Akela Dry, Wet & Raw Foods

Mixing it up is easy! Feeding your dog Akela dry, wet and raw food together is simple. Just reduce the daily recommended feeding amounts proportionately. For example, to feed half and half then feed half the daily recommended amount of Akela dry food and half the daily recommended amount of Akela wet food.

Please note this only works for Akela; other brands have different energy values. 

We recommend feeding raw food at a separate time of day as it takes longer to digest than dry or wet food.

Here are some handy examples:

A 20Kg dog doing moderate daily activity (1-3hrs off lead) would usually be fed 243g dry per day or 756g wet. To mix it, feed 121.5g dry (243/2) and 378g wet (756/2) per day. 

A 7Kg dog walking less than 1hour would usually be fed 96g dry per day or 297g wet. If mixing 75% dry and 25% wet then feed 72g dry (96x0.75) and 74.25g wet (297x0.25) per day.

Here are some equivalent amounts which may also help:

• Feeding ¼ of a can (100g) is equivalent to 32g of Kibble
• Feeding ½ of a can (200g) is equivalent to 65g of kibble
• Feeding 1 can (400g) is equivalent to 130g of kibble
• Feeding 2 cans (800g) is equivalent to 260g of kibble

This is only a guide and we are happy to help plan your dog's diet for you. 

Click to view and download the full tables:

Dog dry 80:20 feeding guide for all life stages & varieties:

Pregnant bitch & feeding mum dry 80:20 dog feeding guide

Dog wet can feeding guide for all life stages & varieties

Dry Cat Food Feeding Guide

Wet Cat Food Feeding Guide

Changing your dog to Akela: If your dog seems to be off their food try crushing up and moistening the food with a little warm water and leaving to cool.  This will help release the aroma of the food and make it more appetising.  Cold water will have little effect on the food as there is no grain in our food so it will not swell like others. It is best if the daily feeding amount is spread across several small meals throughout the day.  The recommended amount may seem small but our food is very nutritious. When transitioning over from another food, do so gradually over the course of at least two weeks. If your dog has a weight problem then increase/decrease the daily feeding amount slightly as appropriate (we suggest 10%) and monitor their weight over the course of a few weeks until a healthy weight is reached and re-adjust the daily feed to maintain this.

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