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Here at Akela we are passionate about all dogs, especially rescues. Jackie, one of our members of staff, has always had rescue dogs and has volunteered at centres across the country and Emily also has a rescue border collie. This passion has fuelled our desire to offer discounts to hard-working rescue centres, their staff, volunteers and the adopters that take on their animals.

Why is Akela good for rescue dogs?

With many dogs arriving in poor condition Akela can help give the nutritional support to help get them back on all four paws. It benefits from joint support and high quality protein to help the dogs get back to peak condition.

What is the Akela rescue club?

There are three main benefits of the club:

We would love to offer you a code for your rescue to provide to your adopters & volunteers. This code will give them an ongoing 5% off any orders of Akela food, treats, harnesses etc at wholeprey.com. Your rescue centre will also receive 5% donation from each sale where that coupon is entered.

We would also like to extend our trade pricing to your rescue centre, allowing you to purchase stock to sell to the public, or possibly even to your staff and volunteers. There is no requirement to buy any stock to be part of the club, but the offer is there with no minimum order.

The trade pricing could also be used to purchase food for your rescue dogs, although we do understand that most food comes from donations from the public so this may not suit all rescue centres. We also hope to extend in this area in 2016 by offering further support to rescues depending on the initial success of the Rescues Club and the number of rescues we can get involved.

What do we ask in return?

Not much! – We know how tight money and time is in rescues so we are keeping it simple. You will need to set up your account to enable us to track your code usage and to send you your donation. Once you are set up we ask that you have at least a link and mention it on your website and that our leaflet with your code on is given out in your adoption packs. Of course the more advertising you do, the more chance there is that adopters will spend with us and provide your donation. We can help with any extra marketing you may wish to do such as facebook notifications, posters etc. We can also provide free samples for you to hand out to anyone interested. We also just ask that your code is not published anywhere except your website.

Any questions?

If you would like to ask us anything about the food or the club, or would like to sign up then please feel free to get in touch. You can give us a call on 01502 371414, email akela@wholeprey.com or use our live chat service on the website. If you ask to speak to Jackie she will gladly talk you through the process and answer any questions.


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