Daisy~Mae is my 3 year old Japanese Chin. Ever since she was a puppy she has always thrived on learning, she picks things up and learns so quickly that she is such an easy little dog to train in that respect. I decided that when she was old enough I would start agility training with her, if anything for mental stimulation and of course it’s good exercise for her and myself 😉 Most people associate agility with larger dogs and most people associate Japanese Chins as purely just show dogs! I started out training her at home with some foam equipment, Daisy~Mae being my first dog this was just as new to me as it was to her. Once I had taught her some basics we then joined an agility club where we have been training now for about 2 years. I have a friend who also runs a Japanese Chin and as far as I know we are the only two people in the country to train and run with Japanese Chins currently. I generally do agility training for fun but we have entered a few competitions of which her first one she came in at an amazing second place and we have also run as a pairs with my friends Japanese Chin and hope to do more of this in the future.
I started Daisy~Mae on Akela Wholeprey about a year ago. It truly was the best thing I ever did. She can be quite a fussy eater and with this in mind I did a lot of research on different brands of dog food. With this knowledge and learning that what I was feeding her on was not as good nutrionally as I thought it was I decided to look for something that was much better for her. I ordered a free sample of Akela Wholeprey to try her with and she absolutely loved it!! She especially LOVES the newer flavour Suffolk Duck and I love the fact that all mouth sizes are catered for. Being a toy dog the ‘small paws’ kibble is just perfect for her and I know she is getting everything she needs nutrionally and it’s not costing half as much as her previous food. So that can only equal one happy dog and one very happy dog mum 🙂
Thank you Akela!!