Walking with Wolves

Akela meets wolves

Somewhere near the England-Wales border sits a very unique and special place; blending in so well with its surroundings you would have no idea it was there. Amongst the natural beauty and wildlife of the valley a few long lost apex predators have a place to call home.
Currently home to a handful of wolves, Wolf Watch UK is a small and friendly organisation run by just a few dedicated individuals with a passion for Wolves, conservation and education. In return for the safe haven provided by the centre the wolves act as ambassadors for the species, to help teach interested individuals not only about wolves and their plight but also to allow those interested in canine behaviour to observe it in its most authentic form.

akela meeting wolfThese wolves have come from other parks where they did not fit into their previous pack, perhaps due to disagreements with other pack members or breeding leading to too many individuals for their enclosure. Despite this relocation these wolves certainly seem to have landed on their paws, now living in large enclosures with lots of natural cover and features making it a great home from home. For more on the history of the centre take a look at http://www.wwuk.org/history.htm.

I was lucky enough to meet these wonderful animals up close, an encounter that I will never forget. Visits are limited, which in my opinion makes this experience even more special. People who are interested in learning about the centre and interested in visiting for themselves should take a look at the membership option on their website: http://www.wwuk.org/adoptawolf.htm.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to Tony for his efforts with these animals and for allowing me to meet them.

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