Darci, Bingli & Abbi Join the Pack

Akela Fuelled

Our sponsored pack is expanding again – when we heard this lovely story we could not help but share it with you. Here is Abbi’s story:

“After switching my dog Darci over to Akela a year ago, I wanted to share her success story.


Darci is a two year old cockapoo who after a precarious start with us at 8 weeks has come through and thrived. She has always been a fussy eater and had a delicate tummy after a nasty bout of colitis when she first came home. I was changing her food every couple of months after she would go off it and always seemed lacking in energy. After speaking with one of your representatives at Dogs Unleashed last year, I switched her to Akela and have not looked back. She eats it with gusto every meal and it has greatly improved her muscle tone and fitness.

Image-5She currently competes in canicross and agility and is a great advocate for the life a poodle cross should lead.

She recently “won the Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi Final at the International Agility Festival and will be going to Discover Dogs in October to compete in the final! She only starting competing at Easter and has reached grade 3 now as well as almost having gained enough points for her Agility Warrant Bronze.
Last winter she appeared in magazine, Dogs Today for her canicross exploits and was supporting the needs of poodle cross breeds for a high activity lifestyle.

Image-9Last summer we completed the Coast2Coast trail from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay, camping the whole way and completed the 192 miles in 13 days. We also raised over £1200 for charity during the hike.
I have recently adopted a rescue cockapoo called Bingli who was given up for resource guarding. I have been doing lots of work with him and have found that after switching him to Akela, that his possessive tendancies have subsided and he is a lot more focussed when training. He had his first canicross training session last week and I am looking forward to racing with him in the future. I have also begun foundation agility with him and have high hopes for him here also.
Your food has worked wonders for my mini pack and I want to thank you for that.”

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